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The shape of taste


We pay attention to every single detail of the packaging, by personally choosing the design and the materials.

Our products are packed in our laboratory with high-quality instruments and packaging materials, in strict observation of the hygiene standards. We give all our best to deliver on your table an ethical and stylish product, capable of stimulating expectations that will not be disappointed when you taste it.


Territory and blooms


Honeys tell a story about the land, about its conformation, its climate and its culture. A nomadic beekeeper, moving the bees in search of unifloral honeys, helps to write this story, that changes a little every year.

Cherry, dandelion, robinia, rhododendron, linden, chestnut, honeydew and other Piedmontese flowers follow one another, one year more generous, the other more frugal. Beekeepers adapt every year, trying to interpret the signs of nature. We travel at night, so that the bees are not harmed, and in the morning they may "wake up" in the right place at the right time.

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Time and passion


We follow every step in the production with care and dedication. Laying and harvesting the honeycombs in the fields are operations that need to be carried out following the rhythms of the hive, to ensure the health of the family and pure honey. We extract the honey from the combs using traditional techniques, and then we leave it to rest in our ripeners.  After pouring it down in the pots, we let it take its natural shape, liquid or crystalline, without the use of thermal or mechanical treatments that are harmful for our product. Our organic breeding methods and careful laboratory procedures guarantee a healthy product of the highest quality.

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