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Multiflower honey

Multiflower honey is a noble non single-flower honey: it is made of the different nectars gathered by the bees from all the flowering plants at a specific time of the year and in a specific harvesting area. There is not just one Millefiori, but many and they are always different from each other in color, flavor and aroma. In this page we describe this year's Millefiori, a portrait of the changing enviroment.


Just read the expiration date on the bottom of your honeypot: the first number not only indicates the day, but also corresponds to the harvesing ground of the Millefiori you purchased.


Spring multiflower

This year the apiary of Rivalba gave us a light amber coloured spring honey with an abundant presence of cherry and dandelion nectar that bring a taste of chamomile and fresh wood. Excellent as a table honey, to sweeten milk and on bread with butter.  

Summer multiflower

In La Cassa, the bees harvested a summer honey of amber colour with herbaceous scents, slightly aromatic and well-balanced. Excellent for the preparation of pastries, it can also be used in a great deal of recipes to provide its wide bouquet of aromas.

Harvesting areas

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