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Time and passion

We follow every step in the production with passion and care. The laying and removal of the supers is carried out in accordance with the hive’s natural routin, in order to have a healthier family and a pure honey. Once the honey has been extracted from the combs, following traditional techniques and without automated equipment, it will rest in the tanks for some time. We let it take its natural form, liquid or crystalline, without intervening with heath or mechanical treatments.

Organic livestock production and strict lab procedures guarantee a healthy product, whose high quality has been recently appreciated also in national competitions.

Territory and blooms

Our apiaries, located in the foothills of the region of Torino, allow our bees to enjoy the rich spring flowerings before summer. In this period, we move to the mountainside in search of the finest alpine nectars. When fall comes, we bring the hives closer to the city, with its parks still in full bloom. Here they can find abundant supplies before winter.

Furthermore, our honey is traceable from the origin, for it is possible to track down the apiary of origin, the foraging period and the sensory characteristics of every honey pot.


We package honey in our laboratory, with cutting-edge equipment and packagings from local suppliers, in compliance with the current hygiene standards. The labels were designed ad hoc by local designers and are posted by hand. All these operations guarantee a unique ethical product.

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